DMP - coming into focus
Posted by: David Lovie

In the first of a 2-part series, our Lead Consultant, David Lovie, busts some myths around the Data Management Platform.


Street sign
11th Aug 2017
Posted by: Caitlin Hubbard

Our new Senior Data Planner, Caitlin Hubbard, talk us through the challenge of personalisation and questions the role the consumer themselves should be playing in this process.

20th Jul 2017
Posted by: Michael Baines

Fuel's Head of Analytics, Michael Baines, debunks some myths around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and what it means for marketers.

8th Jun 2017
Posted by: Eve Fantom

The day after Election 2017, Fuel’s Eve Fantom discusses how political use of Big Data will lead to increased public awareness of the 'value exchange'.

13th Mar 2017
Posted by: Matt Tilling

What Trump’s election tells us about the power of personalised messaging at scale.

7th Mar 2017
Posted by: Duncan Jones

Our Digital Campaign Manager, Duncan Jones, tells us why traditional concepts like send time optimisation are becoming less relevant in a world where personalisation is king.

The Rise of the Big Data Consumer
25th Jan 2017
Posted by: Matt Tilling

What Gartner's latest 'Hype Cycle' tells us about the way consumer's will monitor, and utilise, their own data.

Consumers in the driving seat
12th Jan 2017
Posted by: Charles Ping

Fuel CEO Charles Ping tells us why, when it comes to personalised marketing, the consumer is always in charge.

Woman holding mobile phone
30th Nov 2016
Posted by: Matt Tilling

Why, in a world of sceptical consumers and personalised marketing, brands should give more in exchange for customer data.

Don't Say the 'M' Word
1st Nov 2016
Posted by: Matt Tilling

Why the millennial segment no longer exists in an age of increasing personalisation.

31st Aug 2016
Posted by: Matt Tilling

Why omnichannel customer experience lies at the heart of surviving the high street.