Duncan's Email Checklist

Digital Campaign Manager

Duncan Jones

Digital Campaign Manager

Posted: 18 July 2016

To say our Digital Campaign Manager, Duncan Jones, has some experience with email would be a bit of an understatement. Here, he gives us his top tips for ensuring email marketing works just as hard for you as you do for it.

Email is still here. Despite many near-death experiences (see any article on email marketing from 2012-2014), email remains the most prominent and lucrative channel in the marketing mix.

Email is still here because it remains a quick and easy way to receive information. Far from sounding the death knell for email, the rise of smartphones has given a new generation of emailers the ability to access emails on the go, meaning the amount of emails whizzing around has grown exponentially.

All of this means email has actually seen a resurgence in recent years. The average person receives 121 emails a day and, not surprisingly, 90% of marketing execs are thinking about increasing investment in the channel.

So how do you make yours stand out from the other 120? Here’s 4 key principles that may mean the difference between funnel-busting, engaging content and being consigned to the junk box:

1. Know your device demographic
Who’s using what? The device or platform your audience receives an email on has a big impact on their experience. For example, Microsoft Outlook is traditionally fairly rigid in what it allows, whereas Apple platforms tend to be more flexible and allow for richer media content. When over 50% of emails are now opened on mobile devices, can you afford not to know what devices your audience are opening on?

2. Personalise your content
Email personalisation is a hot topic at the moment and with good reason. Personalisation means tailoring content based on the recipient’s behaviour, profile, demographic, interactions, purchase history or their stage in the customer journey. According to Aberdeen Group, personalised emails improve click through rates by an average of 14% but, currently, many brands are finding it difficult to achieve such figures due to legacy technology and siloed datasets, which brings me on nicely to point number three…

3. ESP selection
The future of email is in the further personalisation of content for the individual recipient, and it is powered by accurate customer data made actionable by a raft of ever-improving email automation programmes capable of pushing real-time, optimised content. The right ESP will enable you to segment your audience and serve that all-important personalised messaging whilst also giving you a full suite of reporting tools to analyse and optimise performance.

4. Test, test, test
Test regularly. Email is a fast evolving channel and it’s easy to get left behind and blend with the crowd. Experiment with new approaches, observe performance and optimise as appropriate. In other words, constantly improve the experience your recipients receive so you stay at the top of their inboxes and ahead of your competitors.

The future of email lies in delivering more value than ever before through increased personalisation. By harnessing the rapidly developing capability of email service providers and experimenting with richer and more innovative content, brands can continue to enjoy the resurgence of email marketing.

Duncan Jones
Digital Campaign Manager