Brand vs Customer: who is responsible for personalisation?

Our new Senior Data Planner, Caitlin Hubbard, talk us through the challenge of personalisation and questions the role the consumer themselves should be playing in this process.

The Politics of Value Exchange

The day after Election 2017, Fuel’s Eve Fantom discusses how political use of Big Data will lead to increased public awareness of the 'value exchange'.

The Data-Driven President

What Trump’s election tells us about the power of personalised messaging at scale.

Don't Say the 'M' Word

Why the millennial segment no longer exists in an age of increasing personalisation.

Emojis: A Picture Says a Thousand Words

How ‘sentiment at scale’ could open up a new world of insight to marketers.

Campaign Optimisation

It’s very easy to launch an activity, see an improvement and sit back. However, progress never sleeps and there are always ways to improve activity. Our innate curiosity drives us to find improvements, whether through the aggregations of small gains or a well thought-out change of direction.

Predictive Analytics

Who is it for?

A strategy driven by relevant communications needs to be powered by predictive analytics. Clients who want to make the next communication the right one need to understand what to do next, what to say next, when to say it and through which channels.

Database Design & Creation

Who is it for?

A data-informed approach to marketing needs to be ordered and structured to allow actionable insight, allowing clients to understand the high value customers and providing the basis for segmented, one-to-one communications.

Without a sound, future-proof data structure as the key enduring asset, the data itself becomes fragmented and degraded.

Data Planning

Who is it for?

Data planning helps businesses understand what data they have, what data they need and how to translate that data into an impactful communications strategy.

How we help

Data planning involves identifying the client need and then identifying what data sets are available and what datasets are required to meet that need.