The Challenge

  • Bacs' Current Account Switch Service has one mission: to raise both awareness of, and confidence in, the service it provides.
  • With the launch of a new campaign in summer 2016, CASS had an opportunity to track individual users on-site to better target them offsite via programmatic technology.
  • To do this, we deployed Engine Rapport.

Our Solution

  • By deploying Rapport’s sophisticated tagging architecture to the CASS site, we were able to go deeper than aggregated engagement scores and track individual anonymised journeys.
  • This enabled us to deliver real-time media performance reporting by channel against site hits and engagement. These were reported back weekly to the client.
  • Along with our sister agency, Engine Media, we then re-targeted previous site visitors based on their site browse behaviour, serving the content relevant with their engagement with different content categories.
  • We then profiled the behaviour of likely switchers and modeled this out into a third party dataset to find ‘act-a-likes’.