UK Government - Business Case Development

The Challenge

  • The client was looking to significantly enhance its communication and engagement capabilities delivered through targeted segmentation and multi-channel real-time execution.
  • The key obstacle to achieving this was an existing legacy CRM system with uneven data quality that hindered the development of personalised communications with citizens.
  • Fuel was asked to provide business justification to the concept of a new, best-in-class CRM platform.

The Fuel Approach

  • Working with our sister agency, Transform, Fuel undertook a full audit of the client’s existing CRM capabilities and mapped the road ahead for achieving their strategic vision in areas such as real-time comms delivery & personalisation.
  • The agreed requirements were then translated into a proposed solution design and operating model, representing the strongest possible combination of digital tools, skills and capabilities needed to realise the vision.
  • The solution was presented in a strategic business case, laying out an attractive and achievable cost efficiency and performance effectiveness gains case, supported by a clear timeline and alternative routes to delivery.