Connected Journeys

We make sure you target the right customers with the right message, through the right channel at the right time.

In a world of increased marketing and reduced attention spans, brands are increasingly having to compete for consumer ‘air-time’. The choice for brands is simple: talk more often and very loudly or talk better and with clarity. At Fuel we believe the latter is a smarter, more sustainable and effective route.

While the challenge of delivering relevant and effortless consumer experiences for our clients may appear simple, the solution needed often requires us to deploy sophisticated and complex back end solutions.

We do this through fusing marketing technologies and actionable insight to deliver connected journeys – some examples of which include:

  • Putting customer segmentations at the heart of all communications
    Providing a consistency to messaging across all touch points and channels
  • Layering service, trigger and campaign communications
    To reflect the differing pace of communications required throughout the purchase journey
  • Collating and aggregating log file data
    Enabling e-CRM, web and display experiences to be personalised according to an Individual’s needs
  • Recommendations engines
    Helping consumers to navigate an often complex content consumption and purchasing process, thereby increasing their satisfaction and value

  • The modern marketing environment requires that Fuel be part analysts, part communications planners and part technologists. It’s a space we comfortably occupy and it’s a skill we believe brands will increasingly need if they’re to deliver connected journeys for consumers.