Marketing Technologies

We integrate different types of technologies to deliver a Total Customer View, bringing Insight, Technology and Creative together.

As independent end-users of marketing technologies, we recognise the need to offer our clients 3 things – market leading software solutions, at a range of budget levels, scalable according to their size and ambitions.

That’s why Fuel has formed a number of strategic partnerships with CRM technology providers, enabling us to:

  • Build Databases
    Have the capacity to manage behavioural data streams (transactional as well as digital log file) across any scale of business from the boutique to mass retail markets.
  • Manage Campaigns
    Integrate campaign management tools, allowing our clients communications solutions of varying sophistications; from manual / single channel solutions to enterprise solutions offering triggered / automated and multi-channel campaigns of infinite complexity.
  • Optimise
    A client’s digital assets through the development of proprietary software (CX and LiveBox) that enhance and measure their impact on consumer engagement.
  • Mine and model
    Support both intuitive ‘train of thought’ software packages used to plan and develop marketing plans, as well as advanced analytics packages capable of clustering, segmenting and scoring Individuals to provide structure to any communications programme.
  • Dashboard and Report
    Track the performance of databases and communications programmes against a defined set of KPIs in an efficient and insightful manner.

Marketing technologies can give you the data, but without truly actionable insight and expert customer journey planning it is useless.